QualiCare, Inc. Pharmaceutical Division

QualiCare, Inc. is locally-owned and operated, and has provided pharmaceutical care for Long-Term Care facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, and Hospice Patients for nearly 20 years.  

We offer the following services:

  • Medication Therapy Management by a Clinical Pharmacist specializing in Geriatric Patients
  • Free Delivery of Medication, Supplies, and Equipment
  • 24 Hours a day, 7 Days per week service
  • STAT Orders within two hours 
  • All Prescription needs 
  • Compound Alternative Dosage Forms 
  • Quality Controlled, Aseptic Preparation of IV Solutions
  •     Total Parenteral Nutrition
  •     Enteral Nutrition
  •     Antibiotic Therapy
  •     Pain Management
  • Respiratory Therapy Supplies
  • Ostomy Supplies
  • Diabetic Supplies
  • Medication Consultation
  • Continuing Education Programs for Nursing and Social Work Personnel
  • Pharmacist Consultant Participation in QA Program
  • Medicare Part D Assistance: Finding Plans and Formulary Management
  • Med Pass Monitoring
  • Med Room Monitoring and Medication Destruction
  • OPUS Unit Dose and Blister Paks
  • Medication Carts, Treatment Carts, and Fax Machine
  • Electronic Medication Administration Records

QualiCare, Inc. Compounding Division

Our Compounding Division focuses on patients with special medication requirements.  We provide alternatives in hormone replacement therapy, alternative dosage forms such as transdermal gels, and medications for pets in a variety of dosage forms and flavors.  The ultimate goal in preparing any of these customized medications is to improve patient compliance.

We also provide home-based intravenous and subcutaneous infusion medications and supplies.  Home delivered infusion therapies include antibiotics, enteral nutrition, total parenteral nutrition, hydration, chelation, and pain management.

Our Compounding Division offers the following services:

  • Capsules
  • Creams
  • Troches
  • Suppositories
  • Oral Solutions
  • Animal Treats
  • IV Medications
  • Inhaled Medications 

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy is just another way QualiCare, Inc. would like to reach out to women who want a natural, indiviudualized hormone replacement therapy to control their symptoms of menopause. 

Our Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy services:

  • BHRT education
  • Patient consultation
  • Communication with physicians to determine optimal dosing
  • Quality compounding of your individualized dose
  • Adjustment of your dose based on sympton relief

QualiCare, Inc

A specialized full line pharmacy meeting the needs of our elderly population in northeast Kansas.

​​​​Phone:  785.841.1950 / 800.847.1950  Fax:  785.841.1051 / 877.282.4696

2336 Ridge Court  Suite C   Lawrence, KS  66046